We need your help to make our fundraisers and events successful.  
Open Positions: 
  • Game Footage Video (Boosters will provide equipment for this):
Thank you Volunteers!
  • Web Updates: Kara Kuykendall
  • Game Day Photography:  Bonnie Ducharme
  • Stats:  Duane Hamann
  • School Showcase: Heather Kehn
  • Banquet Chairs:  Shannon Mickelberg + Kim Hamann
  • Score board (JV +V): Richie Smith + Mark Bontrager
  • Announcer (JV + V): Kirk Anderson + Buck Humphrey
  • Fundraising Chair:  Heidi & Buck Humphrey
  • Sr. Night Chair:  Jennifer Redelsheimer
Save the Date: April 17 for group fundraising activity.  Meet @ 10 AM at AHS.  Sign up to be a parent driver.
Company Match: If your employer does a company match, please consider your booster donation for this to double the impact it provides! We should be all set up for this and information will be provided as we go through booster donations.
Senior Player Recognition at Half Time
Date to be Scheduled 
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Year End Banquet
Details to come!


Thank you Volunteers!!


We couldn't do this without you!

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